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Upcoming Events
2018 Upcoming Events

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Come And Ride With Us!


Cream City Cycle Club  is a Milwaukee-based  bike club with more than 130 active members. CCCC is locally renowned for our schedule of weekly Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday group rides, many overnight camping rides, and our annual Century Classic ride.


CCCC rides are suitable for beginning recreational riders and veteran long distance riders alike. Our rides start from convenient Milwaukee metro locations as well as more rural ride starts, and range from 20 miles to 100+ distances during the season.

CCCC works with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and is a member of the League of American Bicyclists. We support local bicycling advocacy and cycling-oriented charitable organizations.

Benefits of membership:
  • participate in scenic and challenging bike routes
  • gain proficiency as a cyclist
  • friendship and camaraderie
  • safety and support on longer rides
  • news of upcoming cycling events and bicycling lore
  • discounts at local bike shops

2018 Rider Notes and Tips

The 2018 ride season brings some changes to the CCCC Events Calendar. There is a new ride color code for upcoming rides. Previously, RED = NO Ride Leader, GREEN = at least one ride leader assigned. For 2017, RED = No Ride Leader(s), YELLOW = one Ride Leader, but no Ride Leader for other route(s). GREEN = Ride Leaders for all routes are assigned. There is a LEGEND button at the upper right of the Calendar page that opens to show all the color codes used on the Calendar.

CCCC Ride policy is that if there is a ride route without a Ride Leader prior to the ride date, the leaderless route will be cancelled, and route with Ride Leader will continue as the only sanctioned, official CCCC ride that day. The leaderless route to be cancelled may be the long route or the short route, based on the Ride Leader's route choice. Therefore it is important for club members to monitor the Ride Calendar and check for future YELLOW ride dates, and volunteer as Ride Leaders for the open routes. This will promote CCCC weekend rides that will be pleasant and successful experiences for all club members.

Rider Notes and Tips


This club asks that you ride responsibly. Keep yourself and your bicycle in good riding condition.  Obey the ‘rules of the road’ and carry necessary equipment.  Stay aware at all times of what’s around you – vehicles, other bicyclists, dogs, potholes etc. and be prepared to respond accordingly.  This club encourages members and guests riding with us to be courteous bicyclists.  By setting an example for other riders, we can help drivers learn to respect and accept bicycles on the road.  Remember: Responsible bicyclists stay safer and have more fun riding.



Cream City Cycle Club strongly promotes the following SAFETY POLICY:

  1. Learn and practice safe bicycling skills.
  2. Learn the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists and practice what you learn.
  3. Always wear a correctly fitted CPSC approved helmet that is in good condition.
  4. Headphones/earbuds are prohibited on CCCC rides

Rider Checklist




Water bottles


Spare tubes


Tire tools


Frame pump / CO2 cartridges

Lip balm

Eye protection (sunglasses)





Some Basic Ride Guidelines / Rules of the Road


  • Stay out of right turn lanes when going straight
  • Do not hinder traffic
  • Ensure safe road crossings
  • Make space for cars to pass in large groups
  • Use hand signals on turns
  • Warn if stopping or slowing by using hand signals as well as calling out
  • Warn if passing on left or right
  • Call “Car Back” and “Car Up”
  • Ride single file when traffic is present
  • Point and/or call out potholes, gravel, etc. to those behind
  • Stay right and do not pass on curves or hills with limited sight lines
  • Don’t ride too close to the bicyclist in front of you in case that cyclist has to make an emergency stop
  • If stopping, move off of the road

Things to remember about CCCC rides

  • Make sure your bike is in good working condition before coming to a ride. It will make the ride more enjoyable.
  • Plan to arrive at the ride starting location 20-30 minutes prior to the published ride start time. The ride leader will make his or her announcements 5 minutes prior to the published ride start time. Showing up early will allow you to set up your bicycle and sign in and get situated. One late arrival will prevent all riders from leaving on time.
  • Look at the ride start driving directions found at the end of the ride schedule. Be familiar with the turns and street to get to the ride start.
  • Always be prepared. Remember to bring biking accessories. Things like extra tubes, patch kit, pump, tire levers, tool kit, and wrenches are highly recommended. Cell phones are encouraged, but not necessary in case you are stranded with no ability to continue the ride. You may be on your own for repairs, so being prepared will make your bicycling experience more enjoyable. Without the proper tools, it can make your ride a miserable one.
  • If unfamiliar with the area we will be riding in, consider bringing a map in case of detour or cutting the ride short
  • Be prepared to adapt to different weather conditions. Things like wind, rain, sleet, and temperature changes will occur during the ride. A good quality rain jacket or windbreaker will help ease the discomfort of the ride. If you don’t bring it, you can’t wear it.
  • The ride leader(s) will have all participants sign-in and get the group started on the looped ride of the day.
  • Your membership card must be shown before signing in
  • Club members should print their own cue sheets from the web site “Documents” tab.The ride leader will have cue sheets for non-members.Bring a clip to fasten the cue sheet on your bike. Make sure to review the cue sheet prior to the ride to familiarize yourself with the area you will be riding into.
  • Make sure your water bottles are full. This is common sense but some of us need reminders, especially on hot summer rides. Dehydration can sneak up on you very quickly without you knowing it. Drink and drink often.
  • Use hand signals. No one can read a rider’s thoughts. Letting other bicyclists and motorists know your intentions will earn respect with bicycles and cars. Don’t yell “clear” because it will set up a trap for other bicyclists. A safe rider is a smart rider. Caution should always be considered at intersections.
  • Always choose a route within your own cycling ability. Do not try to ride more than you think you can. There are no sags on our rides. It will make the bicycling experience more pleasurable.
  • Most of all have fun. That’s what we’re all about.


2018 Camping Rides Schedule Notes.

There are ride six camping ride weekends planned for the 2018 ride season They are

Ottawa Lake 5-18 thru 5-20

Hartman Creek 6-1 thru 6-3

Lake Kegonza 7-6 thru 7-8

Mirrow lake 8-10 thru 8-12    

Yellowstone Lake 8-31 thru 9-3

Door County 9-13 thru 9-16          

See all the details on the regular CCCC Ride Schedule.

CCCC Camping Rides



When space is limited, priority will be given to club members up to 2 weeks before the trip. So, don’t be disappointed. Call the trip leader in advance.


The cost for the camp site will be $5 per person per night for all club members.  Non members of Cream City, Bay View, News Pedalers, or Spring City Cycle clubs will be charged an extra $5 per night for camping. A two night minimum charge will be required, except for the Self-contained riders. 

Please contact Mark Steckhahn for more information. Mark Steckhahn 414-453-6872 or steck58@charged an extra $5 per night for camping. A two night minimum charge will be required, except for the Self-contained riders. 

Please contact Mark Steckhahn for more information. Mark Steckhahn 414-453-6872 or



Ride types

Looped: Also known as car camping. Drive a car or carpool to the chosen campground and put up your tent for the weekend. Self-contained: Carry all your gear with you on the ride to the campground. Everything, clothing, tent, etc. you need for yourself is contained on your bike. (No sag)

Recent Club Event Photos


2017 Weekend Rides


CCCC Website Handy Tip #1

Here's an easy way to open the CCCC Ride & Events Calendar with one click, right from your Windows Desktop. (Sorry, Mac users, you'll have to do this with a Mac function). 

1. Right click anywhere on your PC desktop.
2. Select New > Shortcut from the popup menu.
3. In the Create Shortcut window that opens, in the field labeled "Type the location of the item:     then  enter "" (without the quotes). 
4. Then click the Next button at bottom right of the window.
5. Type a name for the new shortcut, like "CCCC Web Calendar"
5. Click the Finish button at bottom right of the Create Shortcut window.

A new desktop icon should appear where you right-clicked to start the shortcut. Double clicking the icon should open the CCCC Events Grid View calendar for you.

That's it!